Spine Centers, Spine Doctors and Diseases They Handle

By | April 16, 2023

Having back pains and some discomfort even when sitting or slightly bending over, are sometimes regarded as nothing serious. Often, some people even ignore stiff neck and regarding it as just muscle aches. However, it may be something much more serious than just stiff neck and body aches. Hence, we must not disregard them. To some level, it may be related to muscle spasms; and we must not forget that these pains and aches are also related to the spine and more often than not, originating from the spine.To further assess what may be wrong or what causes your pain, you must consult a spine doctor. A spine doctor is someone who specializes with spine problems and anything that may be related to it. A spine doctor determines and diagnoses the underlying condition causing your discomfort. In doing such assessment and diagnostic procedures, the doctor needs some diagnostic tools or equipments such as an X-ray machine, a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and a Precision Laser-Aligned X-ray to name a few. A spine doctor or specialist nowadays assesses what may cause your discomfort with the use of the aforementioned equipments.After diagnosing the cause, it is the right time to know what it is and how it was developed. Getting to know more about the cause and understand its origin, helps us in planning the necessary steps to undertake a proper care and treatment. Let us have some examples of the diseases and disorders that cause back pains, first would be a Herniated Disc. Herniated Disc is a condition wherein the small disc in between your vertebra – which helps you twist, bend and be flexible – slips or protrudes to the spine, causing it to put pressure on it. This may be due to old age, when the discs are grew thin. In addition, when such condition happens to a younger person, this may be attributed to not only wear and tear of the said discs, but also to injuries and accidents. Another example of a spinal condition is Osteoporosis, this condition results from the breakdown of the bones of the spine due to aging and the lost of important minerals that strengthen and harden the bones. This in turn makes the bones much weaker and porous, before making it brittle. These are but only few of possible spine related problems or conditions that you may have acquired.Now that we have known some of the conditions that affect the spine, it is imperative to know how not to acquire them. Prevention is better than cure, as some would say it. There are certain ways to prevent these from happening. First on the list would be lifestyle modification, proper posture when sitting, walking and doing daily activities. Next would be what you eat or your diet. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals help the bones grow, must be taken in considerable amounts. One must always remember that what you eat determines who you are.